Pledge for parity, is more than a click on the computer.

Happy International Women’s Day!                                    

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 This day is not for women only. Men, women, young girls, young boys, we all are involved. We all are supposed to reflect on women today.

That is why I searched on the internet to see the theme of this year’s Women’s Day. You can find out this year’s International Women’s Day theme and explanation here: It’s basically inviting you to pledge for Parity « Parity means equality, uniformity, or levelness ». Which I did without hesitation and which you will probably do too. No matter who you are, a men or a woman. It is easy to click on a computer and it will appear on Facebook, on twitter, on Instagram that you pledge for equity. It is like when we click on “like” for a friend’s picture posted or a friend status posted just to please him or her. Seriously will you think about what you pledge for after you turn off your computer? I doubt it.

When you click on the pledge for parity, you don’t just “like” something, you take an engagement.              


Your click means you accept to get involved in the fight for women’s rights, for equity in society. So try to find out what you want to do on this day to contribute to that cause that you pledge for.

For my part, I decided to ask around and find out what people think about being a women. Because maybe most of people who are against equity don’t even know what it feels like to be a woman in a situation where you see yourself being underestimated every day of your life. So I asked some young boys and girls, what that means to you when you say some one is a woman. Here are some responses:

  • “It means a wife
  • “It means a person with vagina
  • “It means a weaker sex
  • “It means a calm person
  • “It means a sweet person
  • “It means a mom
  • “It means a good cook
  • “It means a good house keeper
  • “It means a good educator
  • “It means a person who was created from the rib of a man

So I got responses like these. I can’t put all of them here. I just choose some that touch me. I won’t say negatively or positively. Because my objective was to find out what young people think of a woman and decided how I can proceed to talk to them about “a woman” whom I think is simply a “human being”. My conception of woman may look weird for some of you but here is what I think: “a woman is a human being without any labels. Without any social details as sex, religion, culture, tradition…. It is just a human being.” And my conception of that is beyond being a woman. It is being a living creature.  Try to consider people around you as so. And maybe you won’t waste your time deciding if someone needs to be under someone else’s domination or not.  If someone needs to see all his life defined by stupid rules or not. So that is what I think.

Anyway, I also talked to my dearest friend, who is also my English articles editor, Emily BENSEN to see what she thinks of being a woman and what she responded touched me and I decided to write it back exactly the way she sent it to me: 

“To me, the two main things that define me as a woman, or define a woman in general are contradictory: strength, and suffering. We are strong emotionally and physically—the most obvious example is that we have the power to create another life! But womanhood is also defined by suffering. We are considered less and we have to be better. We are assaulted and harassed. We are given less chances and expected to do more. Being a woman is both a burden and a power.”

Every word, every sound it makes when I pronounce it is so right and just. Maybe I am going to sing it the day I will have an opportunity to read it to an audience. 

I also talked to my colleague Jonas NOUHOUM who advanced a very deep concept that I would like to share:

 “The concept of a “woman” is a celebration of each uniqueness rather than the belief in this myth of opposite of boys. If we call women as “goddesses,” then there is no need for anyone to treat them like human beings. Praising women according to their social impact, yes, rather than supernatural beings.” This means people discriminate women by pretending to consider them as a superhuman. So the only way to consider a woman is according to her social impact.  I bet it will be hard to understand but it will surely bring an arguing moment in your mind when you read it as it happened to me. Enjoy it.

I pledge for parity, I define how to make it work, I let people find out what it means to be a woman and to understand that a “woman” is just a “human being” and deserves the same respect, the same rights and the same consideration as any other living creature in the world.

We are women, we are intelligent, strong, self-confident, fighters, independent, we are brave, oh yes we are… us and we are proud!

PS:    The International Women’s Day is not just the March 8th, it is every single day.

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