When it comes to her, you failed.

When it comes to her, you failed.téléchargement

You said you are her husband,

You said you are becoming as one when together,

You said she is your half part,

You said you will found happiness together,

You said you love her,

Why would you go after another women once she settle with you and have kids?

Did you change your mind?

What about her?

Did you even thought about her?

What will she feel?

Will she be sad?

Will she be hurt?

Will she be destroyed?

You probably you didn’t thought about that of course!

You are a YOU,

Because you believe it is right,

You believe it is normal

You believe you have the right

You believe should be proud of being with you

You believe she doesn’t have to said a word

You believe she deserve it

You believe she is the smaller one

You believe she is the weak one

You believe she doesn’t have a choice,

You believe she shouldn’t have those sadness feelings

You are surprised that she dare criticize what you are doing

You think she should just shut her mouth

You think how dares she

You then think you should beat her mouth

She started to not to care about that anymore

She prefer to focus on finding a way to earn money and take care of kids.

So she found a job,

She works hard

She works late,

She is tired when she get home

But she cooks for you,

She shower kids,

She sleep with you

But that doesn’t satisfy you,

You become Jealous,

You went mad

Then you decided that she is not going to work anymore,

She refused and then you beat her

She keeps working

So you beat her again

She doesn’t quit

You keeps beating her

And then you decided to have another woman

You didn’t care about her opinion,

She wasn’t ok with it,

So she said it,

You didn’t care,

images (1)

So she went to see her family,

Her family remind her how lucky she is to be with you,

Her family accused her for refusing to quit her job as her husband said,

She wanted to leave her husband,

Her family insult and condemn her decision

So she stays

She was sad,

She got sick she forgot the happiness of being human,

The sadness kills her

She died inside

She then decided go through life

But not living,

She observes without acting,

She give up of living

She gives up

She ….just gives up.

images (2)But look,

She deserves to be well treated

She deserves to be happy,

She deserves your respect,

She deserves to live the life she wants,

She deserves to have a job,

She deserves to leave you,

She deserves that the society respect her decision,

She deserves that her family protect her

She deserves to be woman and proud of it,

Because there is a little girl in some corner watching,

Because there a little boy in some corner watching,

So becarefull not to mess up with the future generations.


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